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"The LED of the Computer Industry"


Actively “Rebooting Computing” by commercializing energy-efficiency.
EETALL is a parent company developing and applying energy efficient computing technologies to leap the Landauer Limit wall.

“Making computation more energy-efficient to save money, reduce energy use, and permit batteries that provide power in mobile devices to run longer or be smaller.”

― Erik D. Demaine, Professor of Computer Science at MIT


"The LED of the Computer Industry"

"A bright idea"

The LED disrupted the incandescent lightbulb - and was quickly adopted based on its technological and performance superiority.  Computing is ripe for disruption.

The whole world runs on irriversible chips - they run hot, they waste energy, their performance is artificially throttled to prevent them from burning up. 

EETALL specializes in Reversible computing - which delivers superior performance through smart technology - chips that run cooler, consume less energy, unlock higher performance and are safer and more economical to run/operate.

Cost effective, energy effieient, safer, doesnt blow up in flames. its the disruptoy.

Everything that WAS incandecent is going to be LED.

Money saved - how much energy used.

everything thats hot irriversible will be safe cool reversible.


Provides the energy efficient truly/fully adiabatic CMOS devices for the architects of tomorrow
  • Energy efficient
  • Reversible logic
  • Truly/Fully adiabatic CMOS
Spacechip Global
Energy efficient, low power designs for severely power constrained applications
  • SmallSat market
Energy efficient processors that run cooler, use less power, cost less to operate
  • Smartphone market
  • Energy Efficient Datacenters
  • CPU’s, co-processors and accelerators

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